Stay Safe in Budapest

Budapest, like other big cities is home to the usual scammers, tricksters and unfortunate tourist traps. Budapest in particular is a place where tourists can fall victim to the community of corrupt taxi drivers, restaurant owners and seemingly lovely ladies, who are working together to swindle you. Although Budapest is safer for tourists than most big cities, it is still sensible to be educated and take some precautions to ensure your visit to Budapest is a safe and enjoyable one.

exchange-moneyMoney Exchange


  1. Never change money on the streets or from people who approach you with an attractive rate.
  2. Never change money in the airport or railway stations (most taxis from the airports take credit and debit cards)
  3. Never change your money at any Budapest Interchange exchange office
  4. Be careful changing money in Hotels, you will normally get a very poor rate of exchange
  5. You can use your MasterCard or Visa debit card to take local currency from a cash machine. Budapest is full of ATM machines. Check your bank for the charges they will make. Not all banks are alike!

We recommend changing money with the following companies:

NORTHLINE – Click here for location of their offices

GOLDCHANGE – Click here for rates and the location of their offices

EXCLUSIVE CHANGE – Click here for rates and the location of their offices

You can order currency before you leave home, but you will never get anywhere near the rate you will  receive changing it locally!

Budapest TaxisBudapest Taxi’s

Again, we could spend hours discussing the different Budapest Taxi Driver Scams but we would be wasting our time. So to cut to the quick, if you want a safe and reasonable priced taxi we recommend the following companies as do many other sites, the Budapest police and different countries Embassies.

If you want a safe journey with a professional driver and reasonable price use any of the following companies. Call from your mobile phone, it’s the 21st century and we nearly all have one. the companies below all have English speaking operators and in this respect City Taxi reigns supreme.

City Taxi Call 061 2111 111  from your mobile telephone
Taxi 4 Call 061 4444 444  from your mobile telephone
Fõ Taxi Call 061 2222 222  from your mobile telephone

Rádió Taxi Call 061 777 77777  from your mobile telephone
Tele5 Call 061 5555 555 from your mobile telephone
6×6 Taxi Company Call 061 6666 666 from your mobile telephone

Airport Collections provide a safe hassle-free way to book a transfer anywhere in Budapest.

Or just buy a travel card from 24 hours upwards and use the reliable and plentiful public transport network!

So, enable roaming on your phone, make sure your network provider has authorised it before you leave and top up your prepaid phone before you travel to Budapest!


  1. Do Not hail a taxi in the street, instead call a cab on your phone
  2. Do Not take any taxi that is waiting outside clubs, pubs, casinos or other busy tourist areas
  3. Do Not take a taxi where the driver has approached you for business
  4. Do Not under any circumstances take a taxi that is waiting outside any of  Budapest’s railway stations
  5. Do Not use any non yellow cars without yellow rear number plates. These are normally private services that are tied to certain hotel chains and can be very expensive or worse still may be unlicenced hyena taxis.

drink-wine-800x800Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars

Budapest has a vast amount of restaurants, bars and clubs, many of  them are targeted at tourists. Naturally, the majority touristy places are just simply overpriced: they charge you a lot more for average food and service than you would pay at a less upscale place.

The vast majority of Budapest restaurants, cafés, clubs and bars offer good value and service. However, the drawback of the city’s colourful and rich nightlife scene, that some places come short of hospitality and fairness. To avoid unpleasant experiences read these safety tips regarding nightlife entertainment in Budapest. Unfortunately some places target tourists to rip them off and they even apply physical force to make their victim pay the extremely high bill. There are though some locations that should be avoided at all costs:

stop_signBlacklist of Budapest Restaurant, Nightclubs, Bars

Enter these places at your own risk, you have been warned!!! 

A bar simply called PUB
on Vaci utca
Aphrodite Akropolis Club
Kecskeméti utca 17. V. district
Caligula Striptease bar
Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 37-39., II. district
Captain Jack’s
Club Mephisto
Váci utca
Crazy Horse
Kiss József utca 4., VIII. district
Diamond Club
Budapest II district, Bimbó út 3.
Dolce Vita bar
Október 6. utca, V. district
Ecstacy Club
Eden Night Club
Budapest VI district, Andrássy út. 54.
Váci utca
Fontana Club
Váci utca
Fortuna Nightclub
Fortuna utca 4., in Castle District
Galaxia étterem, bár
Budapest V district, Bécsi utca 3.
La Dolce Vita
Budapest V district, Október 6. utca 8.
Mambo Club
Hegyalja út 2., I. district
Mercy Club and Lounge
Budapest VII district, Dohány utca 88.
Muskatli Espresso Address:
Regős utca 8. XI. district
Nirvana Night Club (Lola Club)
Budapest V district, Szent István krt.13.
Piccolo Bar
Parisi udvar near Váci utca, V. district
Pigalle Night Club
Budapest VIII district, Kiss József utca 1-3.
Showgirls Nightclub
Sweet Milk Bar
Hold utca 13., V. district
Table Dance bar
Váci utca
Tiamo Nightclub
Ferenc körút 19-21., IX. district
Torony Eatery
Városközpont (accessible by outside elevator)
Budapest V district, Váci utca 16.
Bonyhádi út 141., XIV. district
Any nightclub in Váci utca.

A very special mention to one of the worst tourist trap restaurants in Budapest!

downloadMonarchia Old

Vaci utca 79, Budapest 1056, Hungary (Formerly Galilei)

If ever a place deserved to be closed by trading standards then this it it. Just take a look at the Monarchia Old Trip Advisor Reviews and you will see what we are talking about.

monarchia old budapest tourist trapWould give 0 stars if it were possible1 of 5 stars

Drunk waiter, hidden charges (asks if you want potatoes, gnocchi or noodles with your chicken and surprise it’s an extra charge, otherwise it’s 2 chicken breasts for 8 euros…)

The best worst restaurant in Budapest guaranteed, trying hard to be the worst in Europe…..

Top Budapest Restaurant Tips

  1. Prices on the menu. Always study the prices on the menu, and make sure you know how much the dish costs before you order it. Get out off places that do not provide the prices on the menu (according to the law, prices must be clearly indicated).
  2. Buying drinks to girls. In some bars and clubs girls might come to you to lure you into buying drinks for them . Politely turn them down, otherwise the staff might surprise you with an exorbitant bill.
  3. Do not let seemingly helpful taxi drivers or local women lure you to an establishment they recommend. They may receive a commission for bringing victims to the place!



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