Budapest Christmas Fair opens on Vörösmarty square
The Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair on Vörösmarty Square – ranked as one of the top 10 most beautiful markets in Europe – opened on Friday 11 November, thus formally launching the festive season in Budapest.
What makes the Vörösmarty Square market so unique?
The secret lies in the fact that a professional jury has selected all those high quality products that can be presented and sold at the fair, whether handicraft products, gifts, trend-setting and refined culinary specialities or cultural programmes.

Here, the artisans and artists themselves sell their own handicrafts making the perfect presents. This means that shoppers not only have the chance to browse the items but they also meet the creative personalities behind the products. The smile of the craftsman or woman, a deep knowledge of the souvenir, the sense of trust and a real understanding of a personalized gift: these are the extras that make shopping at the fair on Vörösmarty Square so special.
Craftspeople offer their wares at the fair at the same price as they do all year round. They constantly track trends, blending and enhancing modern forms and artistic motifs with their own unique styles.

Special culinary experience
The 1200-sqm ‘terrace of delicacies’ built in the middle of the square hosts the catering pavilions serving cooked meals, thus making it easier to orient oneself.
The fair menu features a huge variety of traditional and revamped Christmas food and drink: bone-free fish soup, trout grilled over charcoal, whole roast suckling pig, squash fried in duck fat with spicy pumpkin seeds, and goose liver sausage. Flavoursome chimney cake and roast chestnuts, handicraft sweets, chocolate, marzipan, apple, walnut and poppyseed pastry, poppyseed Christmas roll and strudel can all be found at stalls. Visitors will also discover a wide range of fragrant Advent beverages: raspberry brandy punch, feuerzangenbowle, aromatic mulled wine and even warm cherry beer.
Visitors are welcomed with 160 quality music and children’s programmes

This year, visitors to the fair will have nearly 160 top quality programmes to choose from. On the stage, there are folk music, jazz, crossover, alternative, blues and soul concerts during weekdays and at the weekend. Children can join the puppet theatre and music-dance productions on Saturdays and Sundays, while there are great fun occupations for kindergarten and school groups in the handicrafts playhouse, and for families on the square.

As part of the Open Workshop programme, the secrets of smithing are revealed to one and all in the traditional blacksmith’s workshop set up on the site.

The fair is open on Vörösmarty Square until 1 January 2017.

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