Babel's autumn menu was launched
Since Recooked, the last 11-week period has been one of the most important and exciting in the history of the Babel restaurant in Budapest.
A little bit of retrospection in numbers:
-1,100 guests
– nearly 1,000 poached eggs
– 10 kg hay
– 200 boxes of edible flowers
– 30 kg pine
– 300 kg melon
– 70 kg of corn on the cob – these are the data related to our kitchen during this period.

Autumn is here, so the new menu card for autumn/winter has also arrived from István Veres and Gábor Langer.

The new menu card, which was updated in October, and is characterised by the flavours of autumn and winter, offers special dishes like deer backbone, smoked parsnip, as well as loin tartare served with pumpkin and horseradish foam.
Their new dessert, “Extravagance” was presented: garlic ice cream, pumpkin, hay, lemon, cumin.

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The degustation menu, which recalls the fragrances and the colours of the forest, and the á la carte dishes were created by István Veres and Gábor Langer. The Hungarian wines for the menu were selected by the Babel sommelier, Péter Blazsovszky.

The restaurant brings freshness into the world of fine dining restaurants. Hungarian and foreign fans of gastronomy will have the chance to become acquainted with the great dishes of traditional Hungarian cuisine, served in a new style.

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